2024 Summer League

Finals Rescheduled
The final matches of this year's league have been postponed for a week and will now be played on Wednesday 17th July. This is to avoid a clash with the European Championships semi-final match between England and the Netherlands.

The 2024 Canterbury Summer Touch League will run weekly from Wednesday 15th May until Wednesday 10th July inclusive, with a free practice and coaching session for all teams on Wednesday 8th May.

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Social League 1

1 Wombles+2725
2 Not Trying Enough+722
3 Ruck Me Till I Scrum+619
4 Human Touch019
5 The Pythons-719
6 Flankers-316
7 Touching Turkeys-213
8 Burgess Hodgson-287

Social League 2

1 The REDS+3428
2 Boys Become Men+3123
3 Exiles+1122
4 Ashford Bumblebees+717
5 Touched 4 the Very Third Time-1917
6 Live and Let Try-310
7 He Touched Me Here, Here & Here-1410
8 Faversham Kraken-477

Competition Format